UltraShape: The Latest in Fat Reduction Technology

The UltraShape targeted fat removal system is taking the country by storm. Over the past few months, ultrashape treatments have increased threefold from early 2015. The quick, painless, non-invasive and relatively inexpensive technology has resonated with a population that wishes to drop a few pant sizes, but does not want to commit to lengthy, risky or painful operations such as liposuction or tummy tucks.

UltraShape works with ultrasound waves, like the ones that have long been used to look inside the wombs of pregnant women, but at a higher concentration. The concentrated waves are focused to eliminate fat cells at controlled depths beneath the skin. The targeting is so accurate that it ensures no harm to surrounding cells and no skin irregularities. On average, an UltraShape session takes about an hour, and patients can expect up to a 2.5 inch reduction in abdominal size after only three treatments.

Unlike other body contouring options, Ultrashape is virtually painless for most people. Customer satisfaction for UltraShape can be seen on the popular cosmetic website RealSelf, where the treatment carries an unheard of 96% client satisfaction rating for non-invasive fat reducing procedures.

During an UltraShape treatment, the ultrasound waves work together with the body’s natural processes.The destroyed fat cells are disposed of through the same natural physiological pathways that process them during normal weight loss. This significantly reduces side effects and, paired with a healthy diet and exercise plan, enhances long-term benefits, helping you maintain a thinner and healthier silhouette for years to come. Call today to schedule a Body Contouring consultation with our experienced and knowledgeable staff.

Photo: Shutterstock