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Build Muscle & Sculpt Your Body With Emsculpt

Emsculpt is the latest advancement in fat-removal technology that allows patients to achieve their dream body without the need for invasive surgeries. With just a few quick, relaxed, and straightforward sessions, both men and women can enjoy greater muscle definition and a slimmer waistline. Contact us today to learn more about Emsculpt treatments at Gainesville Dermatology Aesthetic Center.

For Women

With Emsculpt, you can look as good as you feel inside. Feel more confident and strong while enjoying firmer abs; a slim waist, and a perkier backside. Emsculpt can be customized to your preferences, so you can feel comfortable all throughout treatment.

For Men

Whether you’re working towards chiseled, movie-star abs or just want to look leaner, Emsculpt for men can help! And, the best part? No need for painful incisions, scarring, or downtime — start enjoying the benefits right away!

Frequently Asked Questions

Emsculpt® uses high-intensity, electromagnetic pulses to repeatedly contract and relax the targeted muscles. The result is strengthened muscle fibers and reduced body fat.

Unlike other popular fat-removal treatments, Emsculpt® can also help patients build and strengthen their muscles.

Anyone looking to achieve a sculpted body is a good candidate for Emsculpt® treatment. As a general rule of thumb, patients should maintain a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise following any Emsculpt® procedure.

For best results, candidates should undergo at least four 30-minute Emsculpt® sessions. Typically, patients get two treatments a week for about two weeks.

After treatment, patients can expect a boost in muscle mass, a reduction in body fat, as well as a reduced waistline. Depending on the body areas targeted, patients could also enjoy more defined abdominals, glutes, and thighs.

Because It's Not Only About Fat

See The Results For Yourself

abdomen before and after 4th emsculpt treatment
abdomen before and after 12 weeks, 4th emsculpt treatment
bicep before and after 3 weeks, 2nd emsculpt treatment
glutes before and after 4 weeks, 4th emculpt treatment
male abdomen before and after 2 weeks, 4th emsculpt treatment

The images shown above are actual results, however individual results may vary.

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