Tanning: Better Safe than Sorry

Over the past couple of decades, golden skin has gone from being a summer trend to a year-round aesthetic look, with tanning salons allowing people to stay permanently bronzed even during the winter months. However, when one accounts for all the medical risks associated with tanning, it is evident that tanning is one of the most hazardous cosmetic trends you can follow.

In spite of what tanning salons want you to believe, all types of tanning contribute to the aging of your skin. Exposure to UV rays slowly destroys the fibers that keep your skin looking firm, youthful and smooth. Over time, the rays wear out the elasticity of the facial muscles, resulting in skin becoming droopy and wrinkled much faster than with the natural aging process.

Another urban myth holds that tanning beds are safe and do not pose the risk of causing melanoma, which is simply not true. Melanoma is a serious form of skin cancer that appears as individual lesions on the skin, and it is positively linked to UV ray exposure, not just to sunlight. In reality, using tanning beds is worse than tanning outside, as the UV ray exposure is much more direct, concentrated and prolonged. If you have pale skin, blonde or red hair and/or blue eyes, you are at a higher risk of developing melanoma, as these are signs that your skin cells lack the protective melanin necessary to dampen the effects of ultraviolet light.

You also might hear that UV rays help keep optimal Vitamin D levels in the skin, but optimal UV exposure levels are actually much less than you might think. By stepping outside for just 10 minutes three times a week, you’ll meet your body’s demands for Vitamin D without spending a dime on tanning.

Warm sunlight against our skin may feel great, but if you are planning to spend anytime outside, protect yourself. We have a large array of superior sun protection products, including the revolutionary Colorscience Sunforgettable brush. This portable lightweight powder formula has a luxurious feeling is easy to apply, and will help you maintain beautiful youthful and healthy skin. Call Gainesville Dermatology today for more information.

Photo: Shutterstock