Electrolysis Hair Removal

Say goodbye to waxing and tweezing for good, and say hello to electrolysis, an innovative method of permanently removing unwanted hair from dermatologists in Gainesville with Gainesville Dermatology Aesthetic Center. As the only form of permanent hair removal recognized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), electrolysis is safe and effective for the face and body.

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What Is Electrolysis?

Hair growth is the result of several factors, primarily genetics and hormone levels. Additionally, certain drugs, methods of hair removal, and medical conditions can stimulate hair growth. Electrolysis may be an option when hair growth occurs in unwanted areas, such as the upper lip, chin, or bikini line. Electrolysis hair removal is a tried and true method of permanent hair removal approved by the FDA and used by thousands of physicians worldwide. Today’s electrolysis destroys the growth at the center of each hair with chemical or heat energy.

Electrolysis hair removal devices can be used to target unwanted hairs on virtually any area of the face or body, including the eyebrows, face, abdomen, thighs, breasts, arms, and legs, among other treatment areas. This form of permanent hair removal is an excellent option for patients who are not candidates for laser hair removal and those who desire to permanently remove hair from a specified area. With electrolysis, our electrologist can treat all body areas on patients with any range of hair color and skin type.

How Does Electrolysis Work?

There are three different forms of electrolysis: galvanic, thermolysis, and the blend method, which combines the galvanic and thermolysis processes. Essentially, electrolysis works by disrupting all hair growth by inserting a fine probe into the skin that uses shortwaves or direct current to stop new hair from growing.


Galvanic hair removal uses a chemical reaction to destroy hair using a fine probe that slides into the hair follicle. This method utilized a direct current through the probe that helps hair break away from the follicle, chemically dissolving it in the process. This method works best on those with thick and coarse hair. 


Thermolysis works by delivering localized heat to the hair follicle to destroy it. This method creates heat within and sends high-frequency vibrations to each hair follicle, taking only seconds to remove the hair. The galvanic method can be more effective than thermolysis, but thermolysis is quicker to complete and works best on fine and light hairs. 


The blend method, or dual-action method, combines the galvanic and thermolysis techniques for permanent removal of unwanted hair that is quicker than the galvanic method and more effective than thermolysis. This method creates sodium hydroxide while vibrations disperse heat energy, taking only seconds to perfect the facial or body hair removal process.

Is Electrolysis Permanent?

Hair electrolysis is extraordinarily versatile and produces permanent results. It inhibits the growth of new hair on any area of the body for all skin and hair types. For patients seeking permanent hair removal, electrolysis stands alone as the permanent alternative to lifetime maintenance of unwanted hair. Unlike laser treatments, electrolysis targets the hair follicles directly, leaving the skin soft, smooth, and hair-free after treatment. It is widely considered to be the most successful method available for permanent hair removal.

How Long Does Hair Removal Last?

Each electrolysis treatment lasts between 15 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the amount of hair and the treatment area. The average treatment time from start to finish is about 12 months, but it may take 8 months to 2 years for some patients depending on the treatment area, hair type, and many additional factors. Compared with temporary hair-removal solutions, such as waxing, shaving, tweezing, and threading, electrolysis produces the most long-term and overall effective results. Contact our clinic for more information about treatment requirements as well as our other permanent hair removal options

How Many Electrolysis Treatments Will I Need?

Many factors influence hair growth, including the type of hair, the cause of growth, and the extent of the treatment area. As such, patients who receive electrolysis will likely need to return for several additional visits. The total number of hair removal treatment sessions required for permanent hair removal will vary from patient to patient. Some patients return once a week or every other week as needed. There are 300–500 hair follicles per square inch of skin, and each of these hairs has numerous growth cycles. Not all of the hair follicles found in one area are simultaneously active, and many become active only under certain conditions. However, once the treatments are complete, the unwanted hair will not grow back.

Is Electrolysis Safe?

Yes! This hair removal treatment is both safe and successful for all skin types and reigns supreme as an effective option for hair removal for men and women alike. For most people, today’s methods of electrolysis don’t cause a substantial amount of pain, but may cause some degree of pain for some. An anesthetic topical medication may be applied to the intended treatment area prior to the procedure in order to minimize discomfort. Side effects of electrolysis may include tenderness, redness, and minimal swelling. This treatment is not recommended for patients with active skin infections, keloid scarring, hemophilia, those taking anticoagulant medications, or those who have received treatments such as dermabrasion or plastic surgery six months before electrolysis. 

Electrolysis Results

For both body and facial hair removal and areas that cannot be treated using other hair-removal methods, advanced electrolysis yields the best overall results compared to any other method. Additionally, many different hair and skin types can enjoy long-term, enduring benefits from this effective and versatile treatment. Avoid ever having to make time for shaving or waxing ever again and achieve permanent silky-smooth skin with the help of our experienced skin care team — schedule an appointment today!